My Ultimate To-Do List

I am a devoted list maker.  I make every type of list imaginable – to do lists, shopping lists, packing lists, bucket lists – you name it.  My theory is that if I write it down and organize it nicely, I’ll eventually accomplish everything I set out to do.  The problem is that there’s a lot of pressure attached to “lists”.  Unless I’m able to cross off each and every item, I always feel bad.

Nicole Balch at Making it Lovely came up with a great idea to solve this dilemma – a Lovely Life List.  It’s a list of things you would love to accomplish but there’s no pressure.  You don’t have to finish everything before you turn 30 or worry about dying without crossing off list items #22, 45 and 63.  You feel great about the things you do but you don’t feel a sense of failure about the things you don’t do.  So in that vain, here’s my list:

Take my daughter to Paris

  • Live in France for no less than 3 months
  • Take a cross-country road trip
  • Visit New York City during the Christmas holiday season
  • Have afternoon tea with my daughter in London
  • Learn to speak conversational French
  • Learn to speak conversational Spanish

Travel throughout Western Europe by train and car

  • Become a homeowner
  • Have a beautiful and bountiful backyard garden
  • Be completely debt free
  • Have a closet where I feel good about everything in it.  It doesn’t have to be massive and full of clothes.  Just well edited, stylish and timeless.
  • Accumulate a beautiful set of China, flatware and linen for entertaining
  • Host a major holiday dinner
  • Learn how to do my own makeup
  • Only wear beautiful undergarments and sleepwear
  • Wear perfume regularly again and change scents with the season
  • Own beautiful and varied stationary and use it often

Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary

  • See my children graduate from high school and college
  • Become a grandmother
  • Meet my paternal grandfather
  • Trace my family tree as far back as humanly possible
  • Find a picture of my Nonnie’s grandparents (she has never seen or met them)
  • Create both a digital and hardcopy scrapbook for my daughter
  • Every year, make both a digital and hardcopy family yearbook

Have another baby

  • Become a successful Work-at-Home Mom
  • Reconnect with my close friends from college
  • Learn how to make my Nonnie’s pralines
  • Go to and tailgate at an Oakland Raiders game with my family, my parents and my siblings
  • Become a major and respected advocate and fundraiser for an important cause
  • Learn how to dive into a pool
  • Learn how to ice skate
  • Take ballet lessons

This list isn’t exhaustive.  I’ll definitely add to it as time goes on and hopefully I’ll be able to cross off many if not most of the things on this list.  Wish me luck!  What’s on your list?


  1. I think it’s time for me to creat my list!!!! I’m inspired

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